MEMORANDUM ORDER No. 08-103OC: Guidelines in the Implementation of P100 Internet Fee Pursuant to BOR Res. No. 236, S. 2007

The Internet has become a very important technology and delivery system for education and as such, every student in MSU-IIT must be trained and exposed to this technology through the various online services that are now available and will soon be developed in the Institute.

In this connection and pursuant to BOR Res. No. 236, S. 2007, herewith are the prescribed guidelines:
  1. The Php100.00 Internet Fee is mandatory in nature and shall be used by the Institute to pay for the increased subscription/bandwidth of its internet connection to have adequate capacity for students' usage, the acquisition of enterprise-type internet related equipment, and the maintenance and upkeep of its campus LAN infrastructure. Its utilization shall be managed by the MSU-IIT ICT Center.
  2. Every student is mandated to pay Php100.00 Internet fee every semester which will be collected during enrolment.
  3. In return for the Internet fee, every student will be given an unlimited login access account for the My.IIT web portal ( good for one (1) semester which is renewable every semester. Any account on this web portal is accessible anywhere, in and off campus, wherever there is an Internet communications facility. An easy to use auto sign-up facility on this web portal will be used by students to create their login accounts.
  4. The login account entitles every student one semester free login access to all present and future services on the My.IIT portal, subject to the guidelines of each available service, such as in the MSU-IIT Online Learning Environment (MOLE) (
  5. To further enhance Internet accessibility on campus, more Wi-Fi zones and kiosks will be installed in designated areas for students as funding from the Internet fee is made available. Students with Wi-Fi equipped portable computing devices may login to their accounts in these zones.
The Executive Director of the MSU-IIT Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC), the Director of the Computer Facilities and Support Services (CFSS), and the Dean of the School of Computer Studies (SCS) are directed to collaborate and cooperate its effort to see to it the implementation of these Internet usages in the campus.
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